Government opposes civil partnerships

The Government refuses to enshrine in the national legislation the civil partnership which may legalize the cohabitation of two persons of the same sex. The reason for it? The only family relation acknowledged by the Civil Code is marriage between two persons of different sexes. The Executive will forward this viewpoint to the Parliament in response to an initiative of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Deputy Viorel Arion, by which the latter proposed to set up the legal frame and the legal effects of a civil partnership. The Government argues, via the Labour Ministry, that the bill proposed by the Deputy should include provisions referring to the partners’ underage children, also remarking that the bill presumes the modification of the new Civil Code’s family law regulations. The Ministry of Justice argues, in turn, that such an initiative is in contradiction with the provisions of the new Civil Code.“Once the new Civil Code is adopted, both the Government, as the body which initiated the bill, as, particularly, the Legislative, by its adoption of the modified Code, have already voiced their legislative policy options as regards family relations, enshrining, as the only legally acknowledged form of cohabitation, marriage between two persons of different sexes,” is stated in the document issued by the Executive, quoted by Mediafax.

The Legislative Council stamped its approval on the PDL Deputy’s bill, but called attention to the fact that the new Civil Code bans same-sex marriage and that civil partnerships sealed abroad are not valid in Romania.

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