Baconschi replies to Berceanu’s remarks

Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi replied, in an interview to, to the deputy president of the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), Radu Berceanu, who, referring to Baconschi’s aspirations to a leading position in the party, had compared them to someone’s wish to become the chair of a pigeon-breeders’ association before being able to distinguish between male and female pigeons. Berceanu suggested that Baconschi’s hopes to accede to the party’s first deputy president office were akin to those of a pigeon-lover who, having just joined the Association, wants to become its chair without being able to tell “male and female pigeons” apart.

“Mr. Berceanu was amusing, as usual, invoking this metaphor of the pigeon-lover. I had known him to be fond of aviation, he used to fly higher than that. But I would say the main thing is not distinguishing between male and female pigeons, but between kites and pigeons,” Teodor Baconschi replied. He added that he had a significant amount of expertise, which could be used to draw the many Romanians who had stopped coming to the polls. On the other hand, when asked to comment on a remark of the president, who had qualified his declaring an interest in the first deputy president office as unskilful, Baconschi replied that any potential lack of skill on his part sprung from the fact he was still an apprentice in politics.

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