Chiuariu accuses: ‘Post Office’ file, Tulus’s “foolish revenge”

The former Justice Minister claims that all acts done in this case are null and void.

National Liberal Party MP Tudor Chiuariu stated yesterday that a case was opened on his name the moment he asked for Chief Prosecutor Doru Tulus to be revoked from the National Anti-corruption Office (DNA).

“The trial of the so-called ‘Post Office’ case will start tomorrow (today – editor’s note) at the High Court. (…) All the acts done in this case are null and void,” the former Justice Minister stated for Mediafax. He claims that everything started in May 2007 back when he asked for prosecutor Tulus to be revoked and when the Superior Magistracy Council’s Judicial Inspection organized, at his request, an audit that revealed “deficiencies in organizing, planning and controlling the activity, deficiencies that question the Chief Prosecutor’s management capabilities.”

“In response Tulus opened a case on my name, the so-called ‘Post Office’ case. The file was kept in the drawers for three and a half years only for it to be rediscovered now when PDL, the ruling party, has ruined the country and when there is a bigger need to switch the attention away from the country’s real problems by coming up with files concerning Opposition representatives and trade union leaders,” Chiuariu pointed out.

The Liberal MP claims that based on all the rules of a civilized country Tulus is incompatible, being unable to be objective in his case. The tragic situation turned comical in March 2009 when Chief Prosecutor Tulus named prosecutor Claudia Rosu (with which Tulus had had a close relationship for a long time, the two eventually marrying – editor’s note) in charge of the file. Chiuariu then challenged both Tulus and Rosu.

“Mrs. Claudia Rosu is obviously incompatible given the prosecutor’s personal circumstances. Thus, it is well known that Mrs. Claudia Rosu has been intimate with prosecutor Doru Florin Tulus, head of DNA’s second office, for several years.” Rosu answered his challenge with a request for abstention, implicitly admitting that the reasons behind the challenge were well grounded: “Mrs. Rosu is incompatible because of her relationship with Mr. Tulus. But isn’t Mr. Tulus, the reason for Mrs. Rosu’s incompatibility, in his turn incompatible?” On the other hand, the National Liberal Party MP pointed to some of the cases that Doru Tulus opened against the leaders of UDMR – which in 2006 was a ruling coalition party and which is currently part of the PDL Government – based on political interests. The cases mentioned include the one that concerned Marko Bela – a file handled by Tulus; case 264/P/2006 which concerned Cseke Attila, back then secretary of state, currently Health Minister; and case 87/P/2007 which concerned Verestoy Attila. “I asked a question and it would be good to find an answer through the efforts of mass-media’s representatives: who prevented Mr. Tulus from finalizing those files?” Chiuariu stated.

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