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June 26, 2022

Dan Pasat suspends himself from PDL

However he remains an MP and retains his immunity, the National Anti-corruption Office (DNA) being thus unable to prosecute him.

MP Dan Pasat decided yesterday to suspend himself from PDL, arguing that “his personal problems have nothing to do with the party.” Pasat however refuses to resign from Parliament, saying he is innocent.

Despite his official position, according to which he took the decision to suspend himself from PDL in order to avoid “the unfortunate and politicized” associations made between his name and the party’s activity, his gesture can rather be explained through the pressures that some of his party colleagues have exerted lately. However we should not forget President Traian Basescu’s position, the Head of State recently stating that PDL should exclude Monica Iacob-Ridzi and Dan Pasat if it wants to maintain its credibility untouched.

In a communiqué remitted to the press, Pasat points out that he joined PDL in 2009, being convinced that this party proves, through its principles and concrete social actions, the will to reform the Romanian political system. “An unfavourable and unjust context placed me outside the party line. Like I constantly stated, I don’t want to harm PDL and I don’t want this party to be wronged too through the injustices made towards me, a party whose political will has remained constant,” the MP writes, being quoted by Realitatea TV.

The MP is convinced that his decision will be correctly understood both by party colleagues and his constituents whose interests he will continue to defend in Parliament. “I ask the DNA once again to finalize my file (which is under official examination for over one year and a half – editor’s note) as quickly as possible; I see fit to prove my innocence in the face of all unjust accusations by using all legal means in the justice system,” Pasat concludes.

Later yesterday, Pasat attended a meeting between PDL parliamentary group members and President Traian Basescu, being among the first lawmakers to arrive for the talks, according to Mediafax. The Deputy had earlier said that he had not made a decision on whether to attend the meeting or not.


Democrat-Liberal MP Cosmin Popescu, former President of PDL Gorj and former secretary of state within the Economy Ministry, also suspended himself from the party yesterday. He claims he took the decision as a consequence of the talks that recently took place within the party concerning the members involved in judicial investigations. At the end of 2009 the High Court convicted Popescu to two years in jail for falsifying a control report that favored Ionel Mantog in the ‘Luxury Displaced Persons’ file. The High Court decision is not final. Also yesterday, PDL Bucharest leader Elena Udrea said Deputy and former Youth and Sports Minister Iacob-Ridzi should suspend her party membership too. Udrea underlined however that the decision is entirely with Iacob-Ridzi.

PDL sources quoted by Mediafax claim that during the party’s Permanent National Bureau meeting early this week Vice President Raluca Turcan and general secretary Vasile Blaga asked for the party’s statute to be changed in order for the party members that were prosecuted to be suspended. The proposal came after the party’s image was affected by the Dan Pasat case. The aforementioned sources have pointed out however that several PDL leaders are dissatisfied with the fact that the party would lose a lot of mayors and the votes of several MPs, something that would strengthen the Opposition.

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