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June 13, 2021

Survey: Youth do not distinguish between small and big corruption

A survey conducted by the Bucharest School Inspectorate, the General Anti-Corruption Department and the ‘Pro Democratia’ Association led to the conclusion that young Romanians do not have a clear image of what corruption means and cannot distinguish between small and big corruption. Most subjects admit they gave money or presents, to solve various problems easier.

As part of the project named ‘Youth against corruption,’ pupils and teachers from 70 high-schools of Bucharest will be informed and stimulated to get involved in the fight against corruption. Also within the project, a survey was made on 1,300 youth aged from 16 to 26, in the towns of Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Buzau and Focsani.

Its results show that 24 pc of the youth see corruption as “bribery,” 13 pc as “law infringement” and 11 pc as “a bad, immoral and harmful act.” Also according to the results of the survey, “24 pc of youth think corruption is bribery and cannot give concrete examples of <> while 32 pc do not know what <> is.”

More than half the subjects say they had to give money or presents to solve their problems in hospitals, 26 pc at high-school, 21 pc at primary school, 19 pc to road police and 15 pc at university. Most of those who say they gave bribes or presents admit they did it on their own initiative, without being asked. “54 pc of youth admit they gave bribes, especially to doctors, and 42 pc gave money or presents without being asked, with only 10 pc doing it because they were asked so,” reveal the answers.

A total 86 pc of subjects said they, or their parents, were asked to contribute with money to the class fund, 61 pc gave money to buy presents for teachers, so they have an accommodating attitude, 59 pc contributed to the “protocol” (usually juices and snacks) of the teachers who monitored them during exams, and 29 pc paid for private lessons with a certain teacher, because they were asked to do so.
The subjects of the survey think corruption can be “good” when it makes things go easier at the doctor, or when it facilitates them to obtain various goods or services.

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