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March 30, 2023

PDL, more inclined to accept technocratic premier

Emil Boc is about to lose both positions: Premier and PDL leader. The name of former Justice Minister Monica Macovei, given as possible leader of PDL, instead of Boc.

The idea of replacing Emil Boc as prime minister sparked a storm in PDL. Though the ruling party was always targeted by the press, through the rows it was involved in, never did more scenarios surface about it than now.

Formal news about the possible successor of Emil Boc are still scarce and rather cautious. Nobody dares to come with a very firm opinion, fearing the wrath of “Zeus.” But there are also few brave voices that gave names, like that of former minister of Justice, Monica Macovei, or BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu.
Party sources, quoted by HotNews, claim that things took an unexpected turn, from the official position voiced by PDL Tuesday, at the conclusion of the meeting with Traian Basescu, at the Parliament Palace.
After talks held Tuesday night at ‘Vila Lac 1,’ the leaders of the party’s local organisations apparently accepted the variant of a technocratic premier supported by the head of state. The days of Emil Boc at the Victoria Palace are nearing an end, given the high number of votes in favour of such a move: 40 in support of a technocratic premier, and only 7 against. A variant taken into consideration is allowing Boc to stay as party leader, due to the strong support in the party for this idea. The situation of the premier must be clarified until the beginning of March, before the meeting of the party’s National Steering Board (CNC). Until that moment, the heads of PDL local branches must talk with their organisations and lay the ground for the future change at the top of the government. Asked to comment on whether he would run for PDL leader again, Boc said yesterday that he will make up his mind after the CNC, without making any further comments.

Both Basescu and Boc asked Democrat-Liberals to refrain from telling the press about the negotiations and the talks going on in the party – some sort of “silenzio stampa” until things are sorted out. However, there are party members who reluctantly unveiled some things about replacing Emil Boc. Furthermore, they seem to have changed their options regarding the technocratic premier. According to PDL Deputy Sulfina Barbu, the best premier for the coming period would be a technocrat “with a strong economic profile, who knows very well the business environment.” “For the time being, Emil Boc is the acting premier. We must discuss in the coalition, to see what are the best solutions to restore confidence in the Government,” said Barbu, quoted by Mediafax. Com­menting on the rumours about the vote given by local party leaders in favour of a technocratic premier, she said that no such vote was cast in the party and there were only opinions to this regard, as talks are still going on.

PDL vice-president Cristian Boureanu admitted that, at this moment, PDL seems to accept the variant of an independent premier to replace Boc. He sees Mugur Isarescu as a very good variant of premier, almost certainly accepted by the party. Two more variants are BNR first vice-governor Cristian Popa and Romania’s representative at the IMF, Mihai Tanasescu, Boureanu said for Realitatea TV.

However, not everybody is happy with how things go within PDL. This is the case of MEP Cristian Preda, who told ‘Adevarul’ newspaper yesterday that delaying the decision about the new premier until the end of the UDMR congress is a trick that hides the disarray existing in the party. “Everything is chaotic in the party,” says Preda, who thinks Monica Macovei would be a good successor of Boc, as PDL leader.


Basescu and his acolytes are following a plan that aims at keeping the president and PDL in power, former premier Adrian Nastase writes in an analysis on his blog. According to the document, Basescu wants to curb the influence of Blaga, Videanu and Berceanu in PDL: “To this regard, the local leaders were informed <> about the fact that E. Udrea will take control over PDL, will become prime minister or accede to other positions in the state. Conditions are being created to develop the group surrounding T. Basescu and E. Udrea, by offering positions in PDL and in the future government, thus setting aside the party heavyweights that oppose the respective group.”

The head of state would rather have several candidates for the PDL leadership in the upcoming party elections, who will withdraw in favour of Elena Udrea.

According to Nastase, in the near future, some PDL members will be sacrificed to anti-corruption actions and will be sent in court for various crimes. “The main targets are those who oppose the ideas of Basescu and Udrea, who are known as having committed illegal deeds.”

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