Constantin Brancusi paid modest homage

Saturday marked 135 years since the birth of Constantin Brancusi, one of the first-rank figures of Romanian culture of universal value. His sculptures, celebrated across the world and appraised at dozens of millions dollars, are instantly recognizable through their elegant shape and the refined use of materials. To pay homage to the great sculptor’s personality and his vast cultural heritage several dozens of writers, students, teachers and political figures formed a symbolic human circle, on Saturday, in front of Bucharest’s Romanian Athenaeum. The “Constantin Brancusi” circle was an endeavour initiated by Laurian Stanchescu, a member of the Writers’ Guild. Only about 40 people attended the manifestation, Mediafax reports. The group who came to celebrate Constantin Brancusi included Liberal MP Varujan Vosganian, first deputy chair of the Writers’ Guild. People were sporting banners saying things like: “Culture, the heart of a people”, “Culture, the weapon which does not kill”, “Following in Brancusi’s footsteps”, “Culture, a hope for mankind”, “Without culture one does not exist” and “We only live through culture”.

Stanchescu regrets that Brancusi’s birthday is “completely ignored” in Romania: “It is unacceptable that an artist of such cultural stature should be ignored. We urged the representatives of the Romanian political class to join us today and to continue to support this cultural endeavour dedicated to Constantin Brancusi. The politicians have to realize that, as long as culture exists in a country, the people can go on. If in a country there is nothing left but politics, the person is left behind and it goes out like a flame”.

The “Constantin Brancusi” circle precedes the “Constantin Brancusi” Cultural March, to start in the first decade of May, along the Craiova-Paris route, on foot, re-enacting the artist’s own journey in 1903-1904.
Google modified its logo, on Saturday, to mark the 135th anniversary of Brancusi’s birth, spotting a logo which included seven works of the famous sculptor: “Mademoiselle Pogany”, “The Kiss”, Sleeping Muse”, “Bird in Space”, “New-born”, “Prometheus” and “Leda”.


The Visual Artists’ Guild and the Writers’ Guild organizes today, starting 6 pm, the Constantin Brancusi roundtable. On this occasion, a number of figures of the Romanian public life will be awarded the C. Brancusi anniversary medal.

Venue: Romanian Writers’ Guild – the Mirrors Hall; Address: 115 Calea Victoriei.

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