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June 13, 2021

Banat and Transylvania more optimistic than Moldavia

According to a survey conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy, over 39 per cent of Romanians state they are optimistic, 16 per cent state they are pessimistic and 42 per cent are cautious. From a regional point of view, over 41 per cent of people in Transylvania state they are optimistic, with only 15 per cent stating they are pessimistic. On the other hand, over 23 per cent of Moldavians are not optimistic at all. The survey shows that there are differences in the way people living in different regions of Romania see life and their future. Those living in urban areas seem to be more optimistic than those living in rural areas. Optimism is directly proportional with education level. 38 per cent of Romanians with primary education, 45 per cent of Romanian with high school education and 51 per cent of those with tertiary education state they are optimistic.

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