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September 25, 2022

Elan Schwartzenberg: Local barons should not be demonized

In an interview granted to “Evenimentul Zilei” daily newspaper, the businessman maintains that Romanians would live a better life if there had been fewer people in Romania who steal for their own benefit and more local barons such as Radu Mazare and Marian Oprisan. In his view, local barons who do something for their communities should not be made into demons. “In my view, I don’t care if somebody gets his share while still doing something for their community,” Mr. Schwartzenberg said during the interview. “The great tragedy is that Boc is not called a baron and most likely got nothing for his home and family, yet wrecked a country,” the businessman holds, who also said he had received an offer to join the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), which he turned down since, “as long as Boc is the party’s president, or premier, I can’t picture myself doing anything like this”. With an estimated fortune of EUR 40-50 M, Elan Schwartzenberg is among Romania’s 300 richest people, according to “Top 300 Capital”.

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