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December 9, 2022

PDL deputy wants to modify the law of free access to public information

PDL Deputy Mihai Boldea wants to modify Law 544/2001 on free access to public information, by removing from this category the criminal files that are still being probed, or have reached court. According to ‘Romania Libera’ newspaper, at the end of last week Boldea submitted to the Parliament a draft law with this regard. The Democrat-Liberal justifies his initiative by saying that the data obtained from ongoing criminal cases may put public pressure upon courts. In his opinion, unveiling confidential information from a criminal file damages and deteriorates the image of the suspect, before a court ruling in the case. “You saw what has been written about Catalin Chelu bribing Fatuloiu and doing other things. Last week, he was set free. Did anyone announce it? Nothing,” Boldea explains. In all the states of the European Union and in the USA, criminal cases that are still being probed or have reached court were removed from the category of public information. Modifying the law of the free access to public information is not the only surprise the PDL deputy has in store for us. He also wants to change the Criminal Code in order to punish with 3 to 6 months imprisonment anyone who gives away data from criminal cases that did not reach a final verdict in court. Boldea also wants prosecutors to keep audio and video records of the statements of those being probed by the DNA. “I find it logical for a journalist who received information about a file, because he has good sources, to make it public rapidly. The problem is with those who provide the information,” the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberta Anastase commented.

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