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January 28, 2022

Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore

The National Theatre’s Grand Hall foyer will host, today, a celebration of the great Indian poet, marking the 150th anniversary of his birth.

The Romanian-Indian Cul­tural Association, in collaboration with the National Theatre and the Embassy of India, invites poetry-lovers in Bucharest to an event meant to celebrate the great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Between 21st and 23 February 2011, the contemporary Indian dance group „Natyanova”, conducted by Priyadarshini Shome is on a tour in Romania, extending its participation to the 17th edition of Sarajevo Winter Festival. Among the pieces to be interpreted are: „Hiranya Garbha (golden womb), RgVedic „Ush – Ratri (night) and Usha (dawn)”, Shiva Tandava, Creation, „Jeeva (life)”, as well as inspirations from Rabindranath Tagore – poem „Nagar Lakshmi” at his 150th anniversary, and homage to Mother Teresa of Calcutta at her centenary.

Under the heading “Tribute to Tagore – Shraddanjali”, the foyer of the National Theatre’s Grand Hall will host today starting 12 am, a short performance offered by the Natyanova classical dance ensemble.

The selection of the National Theatre as the venue for this celebration is fraught with symbolic significance, as the great Indian poet delivered, in 1926, a conference here, during his brief visit to Romania. The performance is inspired from Meghaduta/ The Cloud Messenger, by Kalidasa, Gitagovinda/ The Cowherd’s Song, by Jayadeva, Gitanjali/ Song Offerings, by Tagore, and Luceafarul/ The Morning Star, by Eminescu. The public will be drawn into the atmosphere by Victor Beliciu, the director of the Indian classical music ensemble “Turya”, playing, on the sitar, “Bhairava”. The Natyanova ensemble includes: Priyadarshini Ghosh (Shome), artistic director, Mohana Iyer – associate director, Kajal Hazra, Chandreyee Sengupta, Paulomi Mukherjee, Pinki Mondal and Rajendra Panchal. The dance ensemble led by Priyadarshini Ghosh will also offer a performance in Targoviste. Priyadarshini Shome has expanded her horizons from a solo Mohini Attam performer to contemporary dance, using the basics of Indian dance traditions, techniques of Indian martial arts and some tenets of Yoga. She amalgamates these with her cross training in some Modern Dance techniques, especially Improvisation and Contact Improvisation; to explore new dance movements; to form a genre which is contemporary in outlook dealing with issues relevant in today’s world.

Venue: Bucharest National Theatre; Address: 2 Nicolae Balcescu Blvd.; Tel. no.: 314.71.71

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