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April 19, 2021

LPF – FC Steaua row over TV broadcast

Dumitru Dragomir and Gigi Becali trade accusations. First leg of the season’s second half, scheduled on February 25, will not be postponed because of weather conditions.

FC Steaua financier Gigi Becali believes that Steaua deserves to win more than the other League I clubs win from broadcasting rights since it has higher ratings. Gigi Becali wanted to win more from broadcasting rights. Since his demand was not discussed within the Professional Football League’s Ge­ne­ral Assembly, the club financier initially announced that he wants to sue the League and challenge the tender book. “I wanted EUR 500,000 more than the other clubs. I filed my demands at the League but they we­ren’t discussed today. Let’s see if the court will rule in our favor. We will challenge everything, the tender book and everything else de­cided. I don’t need the 3 million so I’m going to block them; they won’t get a penny from TV stations,” Gigi Becali stated for GSP TV. “I want us to sell collectively but we have to have an agreement, ratings should be taken into consideration too. Since they weren’t in­te­rested in what I want then you’ll see what happens. I don’t want to sell separately, but I want more for me because most of the moneys are earned thanks to me,” Becali explained. Under pressure from the Pro­fes­sio­nal Football League, Gigi Becali announced on Tuesday that he will no longer sue the LPF but will challenge the General Assembly’s vote instead. On Monday the LPF’s General Assembly approved the tender book for the tender that concerns the broadcasting rights for the next three seasons. Steaua was the only team that voted against. Sportul abstained and Universitatea Craiova was absent. The tender is scheduled on April 4.


“Steaua signed a convention with the Romanian Football Federation (FRF), vowing to respect the decisions taken by CAS, UEFA and FIFA. Otherwise it wouldn’t have received its license. The statute clearly reads that no team can sue the League over broadcasting rights. FIFA may sanction the Federation and we in turn may sanction Steaua. It may end up losing its affiliation,” Dumitru Dragomir stated on GSP TV. “We cannot have our affiliation revoked! I will no longer sue the League but I will challenge the General Assembly’s vote,” Becali reacted on Digisport.


LPF President Dumitru Dragomir stated on Tuesday that postponing the start of League I’s second half is out of the question despite the meteorological conditions. “Postponing the championship? The second half of the season won’t be postponed even if there is one meter of snow,” Dragomir said. Leg 19, the first leg of the second half of the season, is scheduled to start on Friday, February 25.


Universitatea Craiova was one of the four teams at risk of not playing in leg 19 because of debts owed to former players and other clubs. Craiova will nevertheless play at home against Steaua. Universitatea Craiova has paid its debts, Prosport informs, quoting sources from the Professional Football League (LPF). On Monday the LPF received copies of Craiova’s order of payments to Soava, Punovic, Merlier and FC Caracal. The fact that the money were wired to the three players’ accounts was confirmed by AFAN President Dumitru Costin. “I did say several days ago that we paid these debts. The problems at the stadium will surely be solved in the shortest of times and the game against Steaua will take place,” Adrian Mititelu stated. Three other clubs – Rapid, Unirea Urziceni and Pandurii Targu Jiu – have to prove they have paid their debts in order to take part in leg 19. The deadline for them to do so is February 23, 48 hours before the leg starts.

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