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August 3, 2021

French trio Pony Pony Run Run at Silver Church

The band Pony Pony Run Run comes to Bucharest, for the third edition of ‘Nuits electro’, at the invitation of the French Embassy and the French In­sti­tute in Bucharest, with the support of Orange Romania. Their electro rock sound, drawing on power pop and ‘80s influences, has already mesme­ri­sed millions of fans across Europe. Their video for the song “Hey You” boasts over 6 million viewers on YouTube. Since the launch of their debut album, “You Need Pony Pony Run Run”, in 2009, the music of the three artists coming from Nantes has found its way everywhere, from TV shows and commercials to the radio. The award they received at the Vic­toire de la Musique, in the “Artiste révélation du public” category, consecrated them as the sensation of the year. Their debut album interweaves energetic guitar riffs with the rhythm of the ‘80s, aiming to create a dancefloor sound, and their influences are a testament to the music they grew up with, from Nirvana to 2unlimited. The diversity of influences justifies their being compared with their elder “brothers”, Justice or Daft Punk. The trio which stirred a sensation in France and elsewhere will concert at The Silver Church club, starting 11 pm. Entrance free of charge.

Address: 61 Calea Plevnei,

Tel. no.: 0733.106.064

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