Gov’t to close over 11,500 hospital beds until 2013

The government decided to close over 11,500 hospital bets until 2013, an operation by which the country aims at reaching the European average of 5.61 beds per one thousand inhabitants, Mediafax reported. The decision was made by the government in its weekly meeting yesterday. According to Health Minister Cseke Attila, the number of beds for which financing is granted from the state will be reduced from 134,760 to 129,524 this year and then further to 125,639 in 2012 and 123,127 in 2013.

The decision is in line with the government’s commitments to the International Monetary Fund, according to the cabinet’s letter of intent to the Fund at the end of the January-February evaluation, obtained by Mediafax.
Also under the IMF agreement, the government decided last summer to close 9,200 beds and also cut 577 hospital manager positions, along with transferring 373 hospitals to the administration of local authorities.

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