IRES poll: Isarescu, preferred as PM

The Romanians would wish to see the prime-minister Emil Boc replaced, but argue this would not boost their trust in the Government, an IRES poll, released, yesterday, by Realitatea TV, indicates.

Thus, 65 pc of the Romanians would wish to see Emil Boc leave Victoria Palace, while only 32 pc are not favourable to this prospect. Nonetheless, 60 pc of the respondents say this would not lead to a higher trust in the Executive. As regards the appointment of an independent prime-minister, respondents are divided: 51 pc are against it, while 47 pc favour such a scenario.

If Emil Boc is replaced from office, Romanians have trouble identifying a potential replacement. 51 pc of the respondents did not provide any name, 25 pc mentioned Mugur Isarescu, 9 pc would picture Victor Ponta at the Victoria Palace, while 6 pc wish to see Klaus Johannis there.

The poll shows the Romanians have lost trust in the main state institutions. The Government can “boast” the lowest rating – 91 pc. The Presidency is doing just as poorly – 84 pc of respondents distrust it, while only 15 pc trust it -, as is the Parliament – only 10 pc trust it and 90 pc place a low level trust of it.

The “Customs” operation was a very good idea, according to 53 per cent of the Romanians. Nevertheless, 49 pc of Romanians think that arrests made so far may help reduce corruption in the customs, whereas an equal number believe the opposite. According to the IRES poll, 53 pc of the respondents have a very good opinion of the prosecutors’ raids, which resulted in arrests. 27 have a good opinion of the operation and only 12 pc think it was a very poor initiative. Almost half of the respondents consider that these arrests may help reduce corruption in the Romanian customs, while the other half sees it as unlikely.

The poll was conducted by IRES on February 18, 2011, using the CATI method, on a sample of 1,100 people. The error margin is +/- 3 pc.

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