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January 25, 2022

Respiratory infections, over the normal limit

The number of acute respiratory infection and flu cases has increased, last week, above the maximum expected values, with the absenteeism rate in education units reaching 71 pc in schools and 47 pc in high-schools, reads a report sent yesterday by the Health Ministry to the National Center of Transmissible Diseases, quoted by Mediafax. In the week February 14-20, the incidence of cases of acute respiratory disease and influenza was on the increases and the maximum expected values were exceeded, reads the document. A total 118,432 cases of acute respiratory infections were reported over the interval, 21.5 pc more than in the previous week. Laboratory analyses confirmed 83 cases of influenza (40 AH1N1 and 43 type B), out of a total 381 reported since the beginning of the cold season (October 2010). Most cases were reported in the counties of Arad and Prahova (12 each), Bucharest (11), Iasi (10) and Hunedoara (6). Two people died from AH1N1-type influenza. Absenteeism rates in education units were on the increase against the previous week, from 4.5 pc to 7.7 pc (71 pc) in schools and from 3.9 pc to 5.7 pc (47 pc) in high-schools.
Health Minister Attila Cseke confirmed yesterday that, in the latest period of time, due to lower temperatures, the number of illnesses determined by flu is on the rise but, on the other hand, denies being at risk of a flu epidemic.

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