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December 3, 2021

Tunisian Ambassador in Bucharest: Show solidarity by visiting us

The Tunisian ambassador in Bucharest, Saloua Bahri, stated, yesterday, in a press conference, that Romanian tourists were warmly invited to visit her country, explaining this was a way of acting in “solidarity” with Tunisian people. “Tourism was affected. It was only natural. I will not hide this from you,” Saloua Bahri said, pointing out that tourism accounts for 7 pc of the country’s GDP. She added that Tunisia had received sympathetic messages from all over the world: “There is a huge surge of sympathy, but people do not know how to show it. I tell them: show your solidarity towards Tunisia by visiting our country!,” Saloua Bahri stated. The Tunisian minister of Tourism launched, on February 14, the campaign “I love Tunisia”, meant to encourage a recovery of tourism, a key sector for the country’s economy.

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