Arad Theatre director: Claudiu Bleont is a free man

Laurian Oniga, the director of the “Ioan Slavici” Theatre in Arad, which will host a production of “Looking for Shakespeare through Richard III”, stated that Claudiu Bleont’s gesture, of stripping during a press conference, would not affect the presentation of the play, Mediafax reports. Laurian Oniga said he had had a talk with Claudiu Bleont, “between colleagues”, before the press conference, organized, on Thursday, at the “Ioan Slavici” Theatre in Arad, during which the actor took his clothes off in front of the journalists.
“This gesture has nothing to do with the play. Censorship is a thing of the past,” Laurian Oniga added.He said that Bleont was “a free man, an important actor, who is responsible for his actions”.

Bleont made this gesture while he was telling journalists about his state of mind at this age, arguing that he was not ashamed that “it’s so small” and that “we are a country of clowns”. “Have I shocked you or have I been honest?” Bleont asked the journalists.

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