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May 8, 2021

First Roma Tribunal in Romania inaugurated in Sibiu

The self-proclaimed king of the Roma, Florin Cioaba, and his son, Dorin, inaugurated the first Roma Tribunal, where the Roma “Stabor” will convene and where those that violated the community’s customs and traditions will be tried.

The Roma Tribunal (Romano-Stabor) was inaugurated in Sibiu, in a building specially allotted to this purpose, in the vicinity of Florin Cioaba’s home. On the inauguration, Florin Cioaba, who will be a member of the Stabor, stated that the founding of this Court is “a small step for the Roma, but a leap for the Roma community across Europe”. “Today we mark, by the opening of this hall, the beginning of a new era in the lives of the Roma. The Court proceedings will be chaired by a man who is familiar with the laws of the land and who is a graduate of Law, my son, Dorin. This is a special event for us. It’s a small step for the Roma, but a leap for the Roma community across Europe, which includes over 12 million Roma. My wish to the President of the Court and the judges is that they judge matters objectively, that they do not become corrupt, that they keep their dignity and ensure justice is made,” Florin Cioaba stated, quoted by Mediafax. His son, Dorin Cioaba, stated that he had opened this court so the Roma could have “a modern institution, which will meet the challenges of the 21st century”. “I decided to set up this Stabor/Roma Tribunal, to offer assistance to those who seek justice, to offer them a modern institution that will meet the challenges of the 21st century, where the Roma can benefit from a civilized trial. Here, those who seek justice will work with a team of jurists, who will attend the trial, and, before the members of the Stabor issue their verdict, the president of the Court will present, before the parties, the legal situation that they find themselves in, according to the Civil Code, as well as a detailed list of expenses that a subsequent civil suit would presuppose,” Dorin Cioaba explained.

According to the latter, the Roma Tribunal will host the usual meetings of the Stabor which, hitherto, used to be held in the street. Florin Cioaba and his son Dorin explained that the Roma Tribunal would not overlap with what is usually designated by this name, and that the Stabor would not compete with the institutionalised act of justice in Romania.

The two claim that the Tribunal will rule in civil conflicts between Roma families and in cases where the community’s traditions were violated. The Roma Tribunal in Sibiu also gave its first ruling yesterday, mediating between two Roma families in the county which had had an altercation.

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