“Alice in Tara Minciunilor” opens at National Opera

The Bucharest National Opera’s “Ludovic Spiess” Experimental Opera and Ballet Studio, in collaboration with the Faculty of Theatre, the Choreography Department, continues the project managed by the head of the Bucharest Opera’s Ballet Company, Simona Somacescu, dedicated to young choreographers, with a new presentation. Tonight, starting 9 pm, the Opera House’s Yellow Foyer will host the production “Alice in Tara Minciunilor” (Alice in Liarland), an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”, created by Simona Deaconescu. The cast includes: Alexandra Apetrei, Bianca Ardeleanu, Daniela Hasiade, Vlad Trifas, Cosmin Pana, Cristi Osolos, Idris Clate, Laura Voicu, Iulia Demetrescu, Galina Bobeicu, Simona Mandache, Oana Botez, Simona Deaconescu. The stage design is signed by Cosmin Florea.

Simona Deaconescu is a graduate of the Faculty of Choreography within the Bucharest University of Theatrical and Cinematographic Art (UNATC). She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree within the same University, and is a fourth-year student of the Media University, majoring in Film Direction. She has directed and choreographed two shows: “Time Quartet” (made through the “Manifest 2009” program) and “Alice in Liarland”, for which she was also awarded the best choreographer award in the UNATC Graduation Gala and which premiered at the National Dance Centre. Her artistic direction style is very close to dance drama, drawing on influences from physical theatre and instrumental theatre, and has worked during the college years with a team of performers which aimed at a triple specialization, as dancers, actors and musicians.

As a dancer, she has collaborated with the Bulandra Theatre in “Orpheus and Eurydice”, with the Unesco Studio and the Nottara Theatre in “Out of the wings” and “Duende”, but has also participated in UNATC projects, which allowed her to grow as a performer, including: “Abyss”, “Faces without faces”, “Beyond us”. In 2009, she made a movie, a first attempt at “dance for camera”: “1940”.

Venue: Bucharest

Opera House

Address: 70-72 Mihail Kogalniceanu Blvd., tel. no.: 021 314 69 80

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