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December 9, 2022

Eurobarometer: Most Romanians believe Gov’t adopted ineffective measures against crisis

The Eurobarometer poll, released yesterday, indicates that 80 pc of Romanians think that the Government did not take effective measures in opposing the crisis. The report suggests that the dominant trend at EU level is to rate the action of national governments as rather ineffective (55 pc), and the group of countries where citizens are most critical of their own Executive includes, alongside Romania, Ireland (83 pc), Greece (83 pc), Spain (86 pc), Latvia (86 pc) and Lithuania (83 pc). According to the poll, 63 pc of Romanians think that the EU took effective measures against the crisis. Nevertheless, only 45 pc of the other European respondents think this.

On the other hand, major differences of opinion between the Romanians and citizens of other EU member states are reported as regards the IMF. The International Monetary Fund is considered the best placed actor to reform the global financial market (25 pc), followed by EU institutions (21 pc) and countries in the G20 group (18 pc).

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