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February 8, 2023

Eurobarometer: Only 4 pc of Romanians have a positive perception on the economy

Nearly half of the Romanians are content with their lives, although only 4 per cent rated the economic situation as good and 14 per cent expect it to get getter in 2011, according to the Eurobarometer 74 study published yesterday, and quoted by Mediafax. The level of popular satisfaction is approximately similar to that in the autumn of 2009 (47 per cent), yet significantly higher compared to that in the spring of 2010, when the indicator fell by over 10 per cent, to 36 per cent. Comparatively, the average rate of EU citizens who say they are satisfied with their lives stands at 78 per cent, nearly 30 per centhigher than that of their Romanian counterparts. The highest rates are registered in the Northern European countries (Denmark – 97 per cent, Sweden – 96 per cent, The Netherlands – 96 per cent, Luxemburg – 95 per cent and Finland – 94 per cent). At 45 per cent and 38 per cent respectively, Portugal and Bulgaria are the only European countries with satisfaction levels lower than Romania’s. Overall, the group of the 12 new EU entrants have lower life satisfaction levels, 65 per cent.

The Romanians’ degree of satisfaction with the life they live varies with their degree of urbanization, with 54 per cent of those living in large cities being content with their lives, while only 39 per cent of the rural population could say the same thing. The Eurobarometer however shows Romanians being more downbeat in 2010 about the situation of the Romanian economy, with the percentage rate of those who rate it as “rather bad or very bad” rising from 90 per cent in the spring of 2010 to 94 per cent in the autumn of the same year. Actually, this feeling is rather steadfast EU-wide, with 70 per cent of EU state citizens regarding the economic situation in their countries as bad or very bad. The Eurobarometer shows that only 4 per cent of Romanians have a positive perception on their native economy, a lot lower than the EU-27 average of 28 per cent. There are also states where public perception of better economic situation is on the rise, among them Belgium, from 25 per cent to 31 per cent, the Czech Republic, from 10 to 17 per cent, and Estonia, from 26 to 32 per cent. The Eurobarometer also shows that there are EU states where people have a definite positive perception of their national economy, of which Sweden, 85 per cent, Luxembourg, 79 per cent, Austria and Finland, 61 per cent. Germany posted the most remarkable upswing in this respect from the spring to the autumn of last year, with 62 per cent of Germans changing their opinion on their economy from one of bad or very bad performance to good. Despite their negative view of the domestic economy, Romanians are nonetheless upbeat about their prospects, with their proportion rising from 16 per cent in the spring of 2010 to 22 in the autumn of the same year.

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