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April 22, 2021

Matei Visniec at Rome TransEuropaExpress

On Wednesday and Thursday, the City of Rome will host the sixth edition of the European seminar “TransEuropaExpress”, organized by Casa delle Letterature al Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali, alongside the European Commission Representation in Italy and foreign academies, institutes and embassies, a communiqué by the Accademia di Romania informs. The international seminar brings together writers, philosophers and other intellectuals from various European countries, who address a common topic, varying from one year to the next. “Histories and Identities. The Intellectuals’ Europe” is the topic of choice for this year’s edition; the guests will propose an analysis of the role played by intellectuals in the history of their country, by whatever means and from whatever perspective they wish to adopt. The representative of the Accademia di Romania at the TransEuropaExpress is the writer, playwright and journalist Matei Visniec. His intervention will address aspects related to the intellectual’s vital space during the communist regime, brainwashing, between communism and consumerism, the reasons for the fall of communism in Romania and the battle against Western simulacra.

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