PNL and PSD sign parliamentary protocol on suspending the president

The parliamentary groups of PSD and PNL in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies yesterday signed a collaboration protocol that includes provisions regarding the vote on suspending the head of state and investing the government, valid until 2012. “The senators and deputies of USL member parties will vote similarly, based on the political decision of the Union, in the case of simple and no-confidence motions, of the requests to suspend the president, when investing the Cabinet, in the votes regarding the leading structure of the two Houses and in any other situation when the Union decides it,” reads the document. The protocol forbids any negotiation with PDL on supporting draft laws promoted by the government and stipulates that any legal initiative pertaining to essential economic, fiscal or social matters, or referring to the electoral laws, must be reported to the Union and cannot be submitted without the approval of USL.
Under the protocol, the MPs of signatory parties will vote against the legal initiatives promoted by the acting Power, except for international treaties.

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