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September 19, 2020

Spring comes with normal temperatures

It will still be cold in northern and central parts of the country in March. People in the south will only know that the spring is here sometime around the middle of March.

The low air temperatures make us forget that the spring is here, at least from the point of view of the calendar. Meteorologists do not have very good news either. The three-month forecast for the spring cited by Realitatea TV tells us it will still be cold in the northern and western parts of the country in March, while in the south-east it will be a bit warmer. Precipitations will also register normal values in a majority of regions. Exceptions are the north, centre and west, where there will be more rain than in a normal month of March, specialists say.

April will bring less than average temperatures in the south-west and centre. It will still be chilly even in May, in the south and west of the country, while in the central regions there will be more rainfalls than in the rest of the country.

‘Based on the information from the European Forecast Centre in the UK, ANM has issued an estimation that, in March, the temperatures will be normal, with the exception of the centre and north-west, where it will be colder, but temperatures will be higher in the south-east. Temperatures in April will be less than normal in the south-west and centre of the country. In May, temperatures will continue to grow, with slightly lower temperatures to be registered in the west and generally normal in the rest,’ said Realitatea TV meteorologist Mihai Hustiu.


March 1 has unfortunately not come with the expected spring. On the contrary, the frost could be felt since the very first hours of the morning yesterday in the south and centre of the country, as well s in the depressions, Antena3 TV reports. Thermometers didn’t indicate more even during the day, when highs were from – 6 to 4 degrees Celsius, less by almost ten degrees than the climatologic averages for the date.

However, air pressure went up slightly from 764 mmHg. It was also cold for the beginning of the spring also in the Republic of Moldova, where temperatures could not rise above zero even during the day, being smaller by up to 8 degrees than normally. Snow was also reported. It was also cold and frosty in the mountains. After days with orange and yellow avalanche code warnings at Balea Lac and Varfu Omu, yesterday the colour coding turned red, as the coat of snow was measuring 100 cm at Varfu Omu and even 148 cm at Balea Lac. The coat of snow became thicker in the rest of the mountain resorts, too: 33 cm at Arieseni, 31 at Predeal and 44-20 cm at Sinaia and Postavaru, where the ski slope is not very safe either for the time being.

Without a doubt, Moldavia continues to be the coldest region, with frosty morning in Suceava, Botosani, Iasi, Bacau, Focsani and Galati. The wind also added to the general sensation of cold.

There isn’t much chance to get any warmer today either. On the contrary, temperatures expected in Moldavia and depressions in the Eastern Carpathians are as low as – 14 degrees Celsius during the night. The cold will continue during the day, with – 8 degrees in Bukovina and 4 – 5 degrees in the western hilly regions and in the centre. It will become temporarily cloudy in the south and east, but snow is expected only in small quantities and in isolated areas. The wind will enhance the sensation of cold outside the Carpathian Mountains. In the lower lands on the other side of the Carpathian Mountains range, the morning fog will be accompanied by hoar frost. The capital will continue to freeze today. There will be no more than zero degrees Celsius at noon, the sky will be overcast, but the chance of snow is small. The wind will be brisk, amplifying the sensation of coldness.

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