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November 25, 2022

Brawl between crime boss Bercea relatives in front of court

Gendarmes intervened at Olt Tribunal yesterday morning to calm down a conflict between alleged crime boss Bercea Mondial’s relatives, Mediafax reported. The scandal broke out after the court decided to postpone the request of Sandu Anghel, a.k.a. Bercea Mondial, to be probed out of custody. The court will re-convene today to make a decision on the request.

Bercea Mondial was detained in a case in which he faces charges of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing one of his nephews, Ionut Anghel. After the incident, both Ionut Anghel and other relatives who witnessed the event said the perpetrator was Bercea Mondial. However, they later on retracted their statements and accused one of Bercea’s underage children of being the one who had stabbed Ionut Anghel.

After news broke out that magistrates postponed giving a verdict, Bercea’s relatives started arguing in front of the court. The argument turned into a brawl and several gendarmes arrived to the scene to disperse the crowd.

Bercea Mondial is known as a leading member of the Olt County underworld, media reports suggesting that he was involved in several clashes between rival crime groups. A few years ago he was probed on charges of tax evasion. Several members of his family were under investigation in the last five years, in about 120 criminal files and the Olt police are currently probing Bercea Mondial in six other criminal cases.

In his statement to the court, Bercea Mondial voiced confidence that “his illicit attitude will not be sanctioned,” given his “alliances” with important public officials who “baptised his children.” The comments refer to President Traian Basescu’s brother, Mircea Basescu, who indeed baptised one of Bercea’s children. Moreover, the alleged crime boss was also seen in the company of President Basescu during a Roma festival in 2009. When asked to comment on Bercea’s statement recently, the president underlined that neither he nor his brother ever had connections with people guilty of wrongdoings and reiterated that the law must be applied regardless of what connections Bercea might have.

Meanwhile, press reports revealed that Bercea Mondial obtained his driver’s licence illegally, given that he does not know how to read and write. Olt prosecutors started an investigation into the case, according to daily ‘Gandul.’ Bercea obtained his licence in 1990. When he was asked to fill down a statement by prosecutors, Bercea told them he could not write. Asked how come he had obtained his licence, Bercea admitted that he gave bribes, but said he could not remember whom he bribed, according to legal sources quoted by the newspaper.

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