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August 6, 2021

Bercea Mondial remains under remand

The Olt Tribunal yesterday rejected an application for temporary release under judicial control filed by lawyers for Sandu Anghel, aka Bercea Mondial, Mediafax reports, on grounds of his being claustrophobic. Bercea Mondial was brought to court yesterday, around noontime. About 40 minutes into the trial session, he asked permission to go to the bathroom to wash his hands, saying he was feeling unwell. The trial resumed shortly thereafter. Sandu Anghel was put under preventive arrest on an order from the Olt Tribunal in a case in which he is being investigated under the charge of aggravated attempted murder against his nephew, Ionut Anghel dubbed Mercedes, whom he allegedly tried to stab with a knife, according to the victim and his relatives.

The young man’s relatives later on changed their testimony, saying it was one of Bercea’s underage sons who tried to stab Mercedes. In his statement to the court, Sandu Anghel expressed his belief his ‘illicit activity will never get to be sanctioned from the penal point of view,” given his “alliances” with important public figures who “acted as godfathers for his sons,” according to the Olt Tribunal report. Bercea is an underworld figure in Olt County, and is credited by the press to have been repeatedly involved in gang warfare. A few years ago he was also investigated for tax evasion. Members of his family have been inquired by the Olt Police in the past five years in nearly 120 criminal cases built after mutual complaints lodged with the Police. Six more cases are being built against Bercea Mondial.

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