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June 27, 2022

Marius Oprea calls on PNL leadership to resign

Liberal Marius Oprea believes that the National Liberal Party (PNL) has been wrong each time it entered alliances just in order to come into power. Further more, he maintains that Liberals would only stand to lose from an alliance with the Social-Democrat Party (PSD) and the Conservative Party (PC), and voters will make them pay dearly for it. . “I won’t resign from the party. The leadership should do it. (…) They should realize they acted like morons when they joined forces with the Securitate people . (…) The PNL is losing its identity by entering this sort of alliance, making deals with all sort of apparatchiks and Securitate guys,” HotNews quoted Oprea as saying.

In his view, PNL didn’t need the alliance with the PSD and the PC, and even less the indirect one with the Greater Romania Party (PRM) . It’s even worse than that with Voiculescu,” the historian said, who added he finds it “sad” to see such “octopus” being put together, a political hybrid only aimed at toppling Basescu.” While Oprea acknowledges that, on short term, the PNL would stand to gain from it, as it would help the party return to power, yet at the price of the right being hijacked by the PDL. “Practically, after this alliance, there is no longer such thing as a true Romanian right,” Oprea said, who cautioned about the risk of a repeat of the 1992 scenario, when PNL was a ruling governing partner of the Party of Social Democracy in Romania (PDSR), after which it vanished from the political scene for a while.

Former foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu too is discontent with the current PNL leadership. He was quoted by HotNews to have told Playboy magazine that Crin Antonescu postponed his wedding to Adina Valean in order that his wife-to-be could be included on the lists of candidates in the European Parliament elections. “My not being in Antonescu’s party doesn’t mean I’m not a liberal. I am a liberal, yet not one of PNL. (…). He is with the PNL, not a liberal,” Cioroianu explained.

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