Udrea asks blog readers what the next PDL president should be like

Elena Udrea, leader of the Bucharest organization of the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), asks her blog readers what the party should do to regain the Romanians’ trust and how the party’s new president to be elected at the May congress should be like, according to Mediafax.

Under the title “What the PDL should do to again become the party that Romanians trust the most?” Udrea writes that the Romanian society has been accustomed to long and mild transitions. “The economic crisis made us step up the reform process. This shock therapy, as some called it, substantially diminished over the past year the trust put in PDL as main ruling party,” Udrea also said.

She also said she has always believed a politician should learn the truth from common people, as they know best the kind of problems they grapple with and, many times, to even provide solutions to those problems. “Therefore, I ask you: What are the PDL’s biggest problems? What are the solutions? What’s your view on reform in the PDL?? How the PDL leadership should be like after the National Convention? What should be the standard profile of the PDL president? What should be the PDL’s new message?”, Udrea also asks on her blog. She vows she would lay out the answers received on her blog throughout the week in her speech before the PDL National Coordination Council meeting March 5.

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