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September 30, 2022

Unable to find a job, man asks to be euthanized

Unable to find a job or to obtain early retirement, a man from Satu Mare has asked the authorities to euthanize him. The unemployment benefits he receives do not cover his daily expenses. His wife is unemployed too, realitatea.net informs. The man is 62 years old and was sacked after the company he was working for was shut down last year. Since then he has applied for approximately 30 jobs, unsuccessfully.
“Nobody needs me any more. I’m no use to myself either, let alone to others. And the state is telling me: I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do,” Vasile Apati said. The man cannot retire either although in many countries his age would allow him to do so. In Romania however his early retirement file was rejected because he lacks 35 years of employment. In order to survive the man resorted to sell things from his most prized possessions. He even pawned his unemployed wife’s wedding ring. “I’m filing an official request. Euthanize me. Now I no longer have medical insurance, I have nothing. I beseech you to sentence me, tell them to euthanize me. I don’t have any other solutions, it’s no joke,” the man added.

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