SMURD unit wants to purchase plane with tax donations

The Foundation for SMURD (mobile emergency intervention unit) wants to purchase a plane for emergency situations, with the funds that will be gathered from tax-payers’ donating 2 per cent of their taxes to the state, Health Ministry State Secretary Raed Arafat said on Saturday, quoted by Mediafax. He underlined that in last year’s campaign redirecting 2 per cent of people’s income tax to an NGO or a non-profit association, SMURD managed to gather RON 4.8 M. Most of the funds went to renting a private plane with which dozens of humanitarian missions were conducted, he said.

Arafat added that the SMURD unit goes on an intervention every three minutes, statistically speaking, and that by the end of the year, there will be such mobile intervention teams in all counties.

The state secretary also spoke of the general situation of the health system, underlining that in many parts of the country, “hospitals are no longer hospitals, because of their organisation.” Arafat underlined that it is highly necessary to find new buildings for hospitals, because in some counties, the system does not work properly anymore.

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