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January 25, 2022

Tiriac: Romania, a “quiet” country, which errs targeting exclusively the West

Romania became a “quiet” country, which people have stopped talking about. The businessman Ion Tiriac stated, yesterday, in a talk-show on Pro TV, that one of Romania’s major errors in the past twenty years has been targeting exclusively the Western states, while ignoring China, Russia and other traditional partners.” Have we forgotten the Eastern markets? Has China vanished? Has Russia vanished? Have all the other republics that we have had historic ties with ceased to exist?,” the businessman asked, rhetorically. He added that a country shouldn’t become isolated, but should develop international, political and economic, ties. Furthermore, he underlined that investors could be drawn not by altering taxes, but by eliminating bureaucracy.

Ion Tiriac revised, in fact, his previous estimation for the end of the recession, for 2012, and argued that any forecasts made now for longer than three months were “a very risky business”, hinting at the Government’s forecasting an end to the recession by the end of the first quarter of 2011. He argued that Romania crucially depends of the evolution of other European states and that the first signs heralding an end to the crisis would be renewed trust in the banks and the resumption of loans. As regards the real-estate sector, the former international tennis player argued that the selling prices of new flats would not ebb and the market would recover when the people realized “they are missing the boat” and the banks “start playing”. The businessman also referred to the scandal generated by recent arrests in the customs, qualifying it as “a flash in the pan”, insofar as it is common knowledge there are, also, a number of “rotten apples” in the administration.

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