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May 16, 2022

District 6, split between Mayor Poteras and his friends

In a story based on the prosecutors’ accusation document in the lawsuit against mayor Cristian Poteras, ‘Romania Libera’ newspaper writes that the mayor has split the 6th District of Bucharest between himself and his friends.

The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) charged Poteras with belonging to a criminal network specialised in real estate frauds. According to the source, District 6 municipal employees close to Cristian Poteras identified the former owners of the lands nationalised by communist authorities before 1989 – usually old people – who asked local authorities to be restored their property rights. After identifying them, the employees convinced the former owners to entrust them with recovering their lands, which was easy for them, as they were supported by Poteras himself.

After receiving the lands, they bought them from their rightful owners at undervalued prices. Even if the plots of land were located in communes outside Bucharest, the friends of Poteras received instead much more valuable lands in the center of the city, because the retrocession commission led by Poteras himself established that the original plots had become of public utility meanwhile. For example, instead of 10 hectares previously owned by the Capatana family in the Domnesti commune, the commission led by Poteras retroceded, in compensation, a hectare located on Splaiul Independentei avenue (the yard of the Romanian Academy’s Institute of Biology), 2.2 hectares on Calea Plevnei avenue, between CSM and the Radio House, 1.7 hectares within the ANL condominium of Valea Oltului and 4.3 hectares on the Timisoara Boulevard.

According to Romania Libera, the deal brought Poteras and his friends a huge profit, tens of millions of euros. “The buyers of the lands were Fabian Schwartzen­berger (the brother of millionaire Elan Schwartzenberger), Grecu Lucian Viorel (the cousin of the wife of Cristian Poteras), Pandor Valeriu (former manager of the District 6 Markets Department) and Jean Capatana (the trustee involved in the majority of these transactions).”

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