League I: Lacatus resigns from Steaua

Steaua Bucharest head coach Marius Lacatus resigned on Monday following the severe defeat his team suffered on Sunday at home at the hands of FC Brasov, score 0-3. Gabriel Caramarin and Edi Iordanescu will coordinate the team’s training sessions until a new head coach is appointed, informs.
“Lacatus came in front of the team and announced his resignation. Caramarin and Edi Iordanescu will handle the training sessions. Their goal will be to promote young players. The season is compromised as it is,” Steaua financier Gigi Becali stated for

Marius Lacatus has thus put an end to his third stint at Steaua after less than six months at the helm. Appointed head coach on September 27, 2010, he led Steaua in 18 games, registering 7 wins, 6 draws and 5 defeats in League I, the Romanian Cup and Europa League.

Gigi Becali warns that he will return to his old habit of micromanaging the team: “I’m not the person that gives up a fight so easily. I won’t step down before I reach my goal, which is to fight against Europe’s great clubs. I won’t give up the reins like I did. Everything goes wrong the moment I let go,” Becali stated on “Two players are changing the team’s mechanism. Dica and Burdujan aren’t playing anything. They shouldn’t be on the pitch. But it’s not their fault; it’s the head coach’s fault for keeping them on. He was also the one that told me to buy Burdujan and now look how he’s playing,” Becali added. Fans were shocked at the end of the Sunday evening game and asked both Lacatus and Gigi Becali to leave. They also threw snowballs at the players. The players, along with sports director MM Stoica, subsequently fell on their knees and asked their fans for forgiveness.

“This is probably the worst day in my football career, both as a player and head coach. The team didn’t stand out on the pitch, we didn’t stand out physically, technically, we lacked aggressiveness and will and of course the result reflected this. I apologize to all the fans for humiliating them this evening and I hope this will never happen again at Steaua,” Marius Lacatus stated during the press conference that followed the game.

Steaua players’ gesture to kneel before the fans is similar to what Slavia Prague’s players did after losing their Champions League group game against Arsenal in the 2007/2008 season, score 0-7. “It was my idea to kneel. Although it wasn’t an original idea we had to please our fans somehow,” MM Stoica said.

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