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August 8, 2022

Suicides represent 25 pc of total violent deaths in Romania

Suicides represent approximately 25 per cent of total violent deaths in Romania, a share almost equal to that held by traffic accident deaths, Professor Dr. Mihai Anitei, President of the College of Ro­manian Psycho­logists (CPR), stated yesterday, being quoted by realitatea.net. Although national statistics show an alarming hike in the number of cases of depression, anxiety and other serious psychiatric disorders, the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) subsidizes only psychiatric treatments, leaving psy­cho­therapy treatments out. Accor­ding to the CPR President, psychiatrists lack the professional competency needed to offer psychotherapy sessions. “We want the population and especially CNAS representatives to be aware of the importance of psychotherapy sessions and the fact that a patient suffering from depression cannot be treated with pharmaceutical drugs alone. Patients have become the guinea pigs of doctors and of the pharmaceutical industry,” Anitei underlined. A patient that suffers from psychical disorders of average severity needs approximately 10 psychotherapy sessions, the price of a session ranging from RON 40 to RON 100, Anitei added. Currently there are 1,800 certified psychologists in Romania, the CPR President pointed out.
According to the resolution that the European Parliament issued in February 2009, suicide remains a major cause of premature death in Europe, the number of suicide deaths in the EU surpassing 59,000 per year.

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