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August 6, 2021

MEPs slams Canada for keeping visas for Romanians, Bulgarians and Czechs

The European Parliament (EP) on Monday adopted a statement that strongly criticises the European Commission for tolerating Canada’s decision to impose visas to Czech citizens, as well as “other infringements of the visa reciprocity principle” by keeping in effect the visas for Romanian and Bulgarian citizens. “As the European Commission and the Council are not very determined in their actions, we urge them to step up the political pressure upon Canada in order to abolish visas at the earliest convenience for the Czech citizens and to end other infringements of the principle of visa reciprocity regarding Bulgarian and Romanian citizens,” reads a document of the EP. In July 2009, Canada unilaterally enforced the visa system for the citizens of the Czech Republic, who were thus discriminated compared to other citizens of the EU.

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