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October 22, 2021

Romanian owns diamond mine in Africa

A Romanian owns a diamond mine in Sierra Leone, Africa, according to Gheorghe Dobra, Board member of Alro Slatina aluminum plant, quoted by Gandul newspaper. “I do not know the name of the owner. I was informed by my colleagues that work there, who in turn learned it from locals. The diamond mine is located 30 km from our operations, but it is very difficult to reach it, because the road crosses a mountain region and a jungle,” Dobra said in a press conference. Alro Slatina does business with several bauxite mines in the African state. The only Romanian known to have mining operations in Sierra Leone is Frank Timis, the former owner of the ‘Rosia Montana gold’ business. Timis is one of the richest Romanians present in the Forbes top, with an estimated wealth that exceeds USD 1 bln. Since 2005, he is also the Chairman and the most important shareholder of African Minerals, the former Sierra Leone Diamond Company.

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