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January 26, 2022

Berlin International Tourism Fair opens gates

TUI dissatisfied with prices and services on Romanian seaside.

The German group TUI is dissatisfied with services and prices on the Romanian seaside, and the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Elena Udrea, promised the representatives of the German tour operator she would try to solve some of the problems.

“We have to agree on what needs to be done so TUI will continue to operate the Romanian seaside among its destinations. The exigencies of this tour operator are fairly high, compared to what it found the Romanian seaside offers,” Udrea stated, yesterday, while attending the Berlin International Tourism Fair, Money.ro reports. The minister visited the Romanian stand and participated in the meeting with TUI representatives, alongside the head of the Suceava County Council, Gheorghe Flutur.

“What is problematic at the moment is the hotel owners’ mentality, their reluctance to accept the German tourist’s exigencies,” Detlef Hohne, TUI’s product director for Romania, stated. When asked what a German tourism liked about the Romanian seaside, he did not provide an answer. “Prices on the seaside are a tad too high for our taste. Prices are a decisive factor in choosing a destination for tourism,” he added. Hohne thinks that the country to win most from the events in Egypt will be Spain, which will draw a considerable number of tourists.

Nonetheless, the Tourism Minister argued Romania was trying to extend partnership with TUI to other products, besides seaside destinations. The number of German tourists who visited the Romanian seaside via TUI last year was no higher than several hundred.

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