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September 16, 2021

Crime boss Bercea Mondial’s new bid for release, rejected

The Slatina underworld boss says he has ten children he needs to take care of, among whom one sick with AIDS. Judges with the Craiova Court of Appeal rejected his request.

As the claustrophobia ‘story’ didn’t wash with Olt Tribunal judges, Sandu Anghel aka Bercea Mondial is making a fresh bid to get out of jail, even if temporary. The underworld figure told judges at the Craiova Court of Appeal yesterday he needs to take care of his ten underage children, of whom one suffers from AIDS.
“Please, accept my appeal since I have a child sick with AIDS and nine more underage children who need to be taken care of. I’ll go to the Police and sign in three times a day if need be. I have never had criminal proceedings opened against me and I’ll go to the Police anytime they need me to,” Mediafax quoted Bercea as saying. As with the previous trial dates, three lawyers represented him in court. Nearly 20 supporters waited for Bercea outside court. The victim, Ionut Anghel dubbed Mercedes, too attended the appeal session. The Craiova Court of Appeal however rejected Bercea Mondial’s request and ruled that he will remain in custody.

The Olt Tribunal rejected March 3 a temporary release applica­tion filed on Sandu Anghel’s be­half in a case wherein he is char­ged with aggravated attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his nephew, Ionut Anghel. In his statement to the court, Bercea maintained his belief he would never get penal sanctions, given his “alliances” with important public persons who he said had acted as godfathers for his children (an allusion to Mircea Basescu, brother of President Traian Basescu).

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