Having taken responsibility for Labour Code, Gov’t now working on Social Code

Having taken responsibility for the Labour Code Tuesday, government made the Social Code its next priority on yesterday’s session agenda, with Labour Minister Ioan Botis saying the provisions in the Social Code will result in a reduction of both social services and recipients, reports.

The new code aims to merge the overall 202 forms of social assistance into four groups each of which will be affixed an insertion indicator. The number of beneficiaries will also be reduced by operating changes in eligibility criteria. For example, guaranteed minimum income recipients shall henceforth make proof of performing work benefiting community. The labour minister made the point that, taking into account the ten-point World Bank indicators, Romania would have nearly 7 million individuals that don’t fulfil three of the ten points, which means they experience some sort of material deprivation. Black market workers, whose number is put at 1.6 to 1.7 million, are another category the social assistance Code needs to take into account.

The Gov’t is conducting mock social insurance employer quota reductions of 1 to 3 per cent to be applied from the second quarter of this year onward, Mediafax cited Finance Ministry sources as saying.

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