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May 19, 2022

PRM leader asks EPP support against stray euthanasia bill

PRM MEP Corneliu Vadim Tudor asked the European People’s Party (EPP) to intervene with PDL and stop the slaughtering of stray dogs in Romania, Mediafax informs. “These days, the Romanian ruling party made an aberrant decision: it voted for putting to sleep (i.e. killing) the stray dogs. I am asking the European People’s Party, which has Christian-Democracy as doctrine, to oppose this shedding of innocent blood. Jesus Christ loved animals, the Savior said. I also appeal to the other colleagues: almost all of you have at least one dog at home, which you love like an angel,” Tudor said in his one-minute intervention. “Unfortunately, Romania returns to the Middle Ages, it’s getting barbaric. The Basescu regime euthanises dogs today, tomorrow it will euthanise humans. Euthanising stray dogs is also a profitable business for the mob. Help Romania not to turn into Idi Amin’s Uganda,” the PRM leader concluded.

Recently, the Administration Committee of the Chamber of Deputies gave green light to a draft law that modifies the law on stray animals, allowing local authorities to decide their fate, which includes killing stray dogs. Monday, the Committee sent the draft law back to the plenum.

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