“Silent Faces”, original exhibition of killers’ portraits

Tonight, the Anaid Art Gallery will host the opening of the exhibition “Silent Faces”, signed by Remus Grecu, curator Diana Dochia. The first personal exhibition of the artist who is living and working in Stockholm, brings before the public a series of portraits that explore the psychology of the killer.

Murder, one of the capital sins, becomes, in the “Silent Faces” exhibition, a pretext, as well as an attempt to penetrate the psychology of the killer. What makes one kill? Why does the killer commit a capital sin? Is it madness, an animal instinct, thirst for power?

These are the questions that the exhibition addresses, without offering clear solutions or answers. Remus Grecu does not criticize, does not pass judgment and does not offer verdicts. He presents the public with a series of silent drawings, in a hostile ambiance, in which the beholder is the one who should ask these questions and come up with answers. Remus Grecu’s drawings make one think and ponder.

The exhibition stays opened until April 2.

Venue: Anaid Art Gallery; Address: 34 Slobozia Street; Tel. no.: 021 337 11 87

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