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February 9, 2023

Tabara: Food crisis won’t hit Romania

Since 2011 is forecast to be a good year for Romanian agriculture the country will not be hit by a food crisis, Agriculture Minister Valeriu Tabara stated during a press conference on Wednesday evening. The Minister considers that Romania’s food production is sufficient for exports too, Mediafax informs. “Romania has to take advantage of what a possible crisis would mean at global level, namely that it should produce more and should be an excellent partner for those with which it already has export agreements,” Tabara added. Asked whether the hike in fuel prices has an impact on food prices, the Agriculture Minister reminded that the hike in fuel prices is impacting all economic sectors not just the agriculture sector and that a state intervention in what concerns the consumption of diesel oil in the agriculture sector could be mulled. “The state budget stipulates a subsidy of RON 1.2 per diesel oil excise. If prices continue to grow we will consider an intervention and offering support for the consumption of diesel oil in the agriculture sector. The issue is also tackled within the European Council (EC) and we hope that European support will address the perturbations that may appear because of the fuel price hikes,” Tabara stated.

President Traian Basescu stated on Tuesday that the agricultural sector is of high interest for Romania “also against the backdrop of what is foreshadowed to be a future food crisis.” In other developments, Tabara also pointed out that the recent hike in the price of potatoes is generated by a technical problem, not by the fact that the subsidy for vegetables was eliminated, but is also the result of “not clearly thought-out” imports.


Internal production of fruits and vegetables could cover internal consumption needs “in a year or two,” the Agriculture Minister stated yesterday on Radio France Internationale (RFI). He pointed out that currently we remain “dependent on imports of vegetables, fruits and pork.” According to Tabara’s statement, there will be no price hike for pork. “Those that warn that the price of pork will grow by 100 per cent are seriously mistaken!” the Minister stated.

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