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December 4, 2021

Monica Columbeanu files complaint against husband

Monica Columbeanu spent Saturday at the police station, where she filed a complaint for mugging, and went, from hence, to the Legal Medicine Institute, to obtain a legal medicine certificate. The wife of the businessman Irinel Columbeanu claims that her husband’s staff in Izvorani physically abused her while she was trying to recover her possessions and to see her child. While one of the top model’s lawyers claims that “everything that is happening is orchestrated by Irinel Columbeanu, to win the underage child, Irina, on his side”, the latter argues Monica has nothing to fear. She will get her possessions back – “78 CDs and some books about sex” -, based on a legal document. Further­more, Columbeanu advised Monica to seek… exorcism. “Under present circumstances, the best solution would be calling in a priest specialized in exorcisms, but, unfortunately, this is no joke and I don’t know where we’ll end up if we go on like this,” Irinel Colum­beanu stated, for Pro TV.

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