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April 21, 2021

IRS to send data about Romanians’ US accounts

After the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) received a list of about 80,000 operations of Swiss bank accounts conducted by about 50 Romanian citizens in the last four years, a new set of data is expected from the United States’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS), sources close to the financial-banking system told HotNews. The ANAF has a special department in charge of checking people with large incomes and is aimed at finding those who have undeclared wealth for which they have not paid taxes.

Romania has already received such information from the Swiss tax authorities, as ANAF chief Sorin Blejnar said in a show on Pro TV on Sunday. Blejnar said he had selected about 12 people with bank accounts of “EUR 50-60 M” in Switzerland accounts and that these people will be checked, in order to establish if the sums were declared to ANAF. If the source of incomes cannot be proven, the sums will be taxed 16 per cent plus penalties, he said.

According to the sources quoted by HotNews, ANAF has similar collaboration agreements with France, Hungary, United States and other countries in Europe. An annual report from US think tank Global Financial Integrity showed that illicit illegal flows of money from Romania to other countries rank the state 34th in the world, with an average of USD 3.6 bln transferred abroad per year.

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