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August 10, 2022

Pipe-playing and storytelling bee, with “Trei parale” ensemble

The Peasant’s Museum Club organizes, today, a workshop on Romanian folk instruments for children of 5 or above. The programme is meant to acquaint children with traditional music instruments, folk tales and traditions in general, by means of a workshop that will combine drama, music, games, dance, improvisation, good cheer and child-like qualities. A wide range of instruments will be presented during these workshops: various wind instruments – pipes, reed pipe, bagpipes; string instruments – lute, viola, cymbal; percussion instruments – Jew’s harp, drum, tambourine, etc. Then, children will create, together with the ensemble, the sound effects to accompany a folk tale, using non-conventional instruments: sticks, bells, seashells, pebbles, etc. Theatre is also featured in the programme. During a shadow theatre fragment – those who are not familiar with this art form will discover it now -, they will have to recognize the tonality of the instruments used in the play. The dramatic moment will be, in itself, a visual and acoustic treat. Finally, the workshop will close with a brief dance moment: the children will be invited to join in a dance to pipe tunes.

Venue: Romanian Peasant’s Club, 5 pm

Tel. no.: 0723.47.16.00

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