Flood watch alert in western regions

Starting today the nice weather will become a thing of the past for several days’ time. Tempera­tures started to drop slightly throughout the country last night. Hydrologists have issued a flood watch alert for rivers in 11 Counties located in western and south-western regions. Accor­ding to the National Hydrology and Water Management Institute (INHGA), the flood watch alert will come into force today at 10 AM and will expire tomorrow at 4 PM as a consequence of the rainfalls forecast for the next 36 hours. Here are the rivers affected: Crasna River – Salaj and Satu Mare Counties; Barcau River – Salaj and Bihor Counties; Crisul Negru River – Bihor County; Crisul Alb River – Arad and Hunedoara Counties, Timis River and its tributaries – Hunedoara, Caras Severin and Timis Counties, Barzava River – Caras Severin County; Moravita River – Timis County; Caras, Nera and Cerna Rivers – Caras Severin County, Desnatui River – Dolj County; Jiu River and its tributaries – Hunedoara, Dolj, Gorj and Mehedinti Counties; lower Olt River’s tributaries – Valcea and Olt Counties. “Considering the current hydrological situation and the rainfalls forecast in the next 36 hours, river levels could surpass warning levels and there could be significant flash floods,” the aforementioned source adds.

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