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February 2, 2023

Unessential staff from Romanian embassy in Tokyo to be repatriated

Bucharest offers assistance to Japanese government.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) has decided to withdraw the ‘unessential personnel’ from the embassy in Tokyo, FM Teodor Baconschi said yesterday. He said that by ‘unessential personnel’ is to be understood ‘some family members of the diplomats.’

MAE informed on Tuesday that a team made up of four consular officials was sent to Tokyo. The embassy and the consular department have received so far 62 requests for consular assistance and information. A crisis cell has been set up and supplementary consular personnel were sent there. ‘We are coordinating the consular effort with other EU member states”, Baconshi said.

The minister informed that Romania voiced its intention to take part to the international effort to assist the Japanese government in this hard test. So far, the Japanese authorities have informed Bucharest they have selected the assistance offers from states nearer to Japan and from the US. ‘We are on the waiting list. If our assistance offer is considered useful, it would be made operational. We express our compassion with the people who have lost their lives in these terrible moments. We also express our hope the situation will get back to normal as soon as possible,’ Baconschi concluded.

After meeting yesterday with his Moldovan counterpart Iurie Leanca, FM Baconschi said the Romanian Embassy in Tokyo would offer assistance to the citizens of Republic of Moldova. ‘We have decided to offer consular assistance to Moldovan citizens, as to our citizens, if we are requested,’ Baconschi said. R. of Moldova has no embassy or consular representation in Tokyo.

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