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August 10, 2022

Health Ministry disbands cardiology network

The Health Ministry is disbanding the Centre for Cardio-Vascular Diseases and Transplants in Targu Mures (IUBCvT), a fate to also be soon shared by the “CC Iliescu Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Bucharest. Activity is also on the wane at similar institutions in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi and Craiova, with a single surgical intervention being carried out daily in Cluj-Napoca, given lack of funding,” Jurnalul National” writes.

What happens is the Cseke Attila-led ministry put the finishing touches to what amounts to a genuine strategy aimed at doing away with the cardiology network in Romania, and that, t a time when Romania ranks tops in the cardiovascular morbidity and mortality rates EU-wide. More exactly, what the minister wants is the cardiology institutes in Tg. Mures and Bucharest to get trimmed down and become larger sections of other hospitals.

In a relevant exposition addressed to the PM and posted on the Jurnalul National website, reputed Prof. Dr. Radu Deac demonstrates that the decision hits at the heart of the cardiology network in Romania.
“At IUBCvT Tg. Mures, there have been recorded over 1,000 outstanding cases of modern treatment of myocardial infarct through conventional cardiology procedures, 45 heart transplants and more than 1,000 cardiac valve interventions. This is also where three generations have been formed of experts in cardiovascular surgery and related specialties, such as cardiology, anaesthesia and cardiac intensive care, laboratory, research etc. It is also at the IUBCvT where it operates the first and sole modern centre of paediatric cardiology where a number of 350 surgeries are conducted every year on newly born and infants with cardiac malformations, from the required 600 interventions of the kind a year,” the exposition reads.

Prof. Deac is also critical of the “CC Iliescu” Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases merging into the Fundeni Cliinic Hospital, and that “since, at “CC Iliescu”, there are resolved over 60 per cent of the cardiac surgery emergencies nationwide, with emergencies accounting for 25 to 30 per cent of the overall admissions, given Romania’s first European authorized echocardiography lab operating here,” Prof. Deac also writes.

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