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January 24, 2022

Irish-style celebrations

Ireland’s National day, celebrated on March 17, pays homage to St. Patrick, the missionary who Christianized Ireland, explaining the concept of the Holy Trinity by using a shamrock. The Irish Embassy, alongside Culture Ireland and the Intercultural Traditions’ Association, organized, this week, a five day-tour. The tour will continue into the weekend, with two concerts in Bucharest and Cluj.

The Irish traditional music band Coras and the Oradea-based Celtic Mediaeval music band Ad Hoc will offer concerts in a mini-tour: today, at the Peasant’s Club in Bucharest and on Sunday, at the Irish Music Pub (Cluj-Napoca).

All the concerts start after 9 pm. The band Ad-Hoc will open the proceedings every evening with a recital of their own works, as well as covers of international artists, such as Blackmore’s Night, Loreena McKennitt, etc.

Coras come straight from Ireland. The band members were drawn to traditional music from early childhood. The concert formula is a traditionally Irish one: violin, accordion, guitar and bodhrán (a peculiarly Irish percussion instrument). The Coras recital will be divided in two parts. The second will be a demonstration of Irish dancing.

Coras is made up of four musicians: Emma Sweeney – violin and vocal (Manchester), Peter Staunton – accordion (Dublin), Robbie Walsh – bodhrán (Dublin) and Kevin Corbett – guitar (Mayo). The band was founded in 2009 and has travelled around the world, promoting Irish traditional music and lively jigs. So far, Coras has offered recitals in Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland and Denmark. The four musicians’ talent, experience and on-stage presence are intertwined to create memorable performances, which the public greatly enjoys.

Ad-Hoc is a project set up by young students or fresh graduates who wish to promote early music. They opted for mediaeval music due to its melodic quality, which defies time and reaches across generations. Studying it, they discovered mediaeval music is good for the mind and soul. Therefore, they have set out to spread the gift.

They created a varied repertoire, including musical pieces inspired from original mediaeval songs, as well as covers of international artists who successfully promote the genre: Blackmore’s Night, Loreena McKennitt, etc.

The make-up of the band is reflected in the name. Ad-Hoc is an open, dynamic project. Even if the line-up includes seven members, Ad-Hoc enjoys maximum flexibility. The shows are personalised and creativity is the band’s forte, allowing even for a high degree of interactivity, when possible.

Venues: Bucharest – Romanian Peasant’s Club, 9:30 pm

3 Kiseleff Ave., tel. no. 021 317 96 61; Cluj Napoca – Irish Music Pub; 5 Horea St, tel. no. 0753.987.783

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